What is an Intelligent Embedded System?

An intelligent Embedded System is an application that performs a specific task or has its own operational performance or usage.

Most computers now a days are embedded – they can be found in mobiles, game consoles, white goods, medical equipments, manufacturing machines and more. These systems are designed to meet the specific needs of their users.

4D Systems designs and manufactures Intelligent Embedded Display Modules. These display modules has two parts, an LCD at the front and an attached PCB at the back with a graphics processor .The graphics processor and the additional components on the PCB are responsible for running the graphics on the LCD.

4D Systems products are used in different sectors of the electronics industry, from home automation, medical, manufacturing, military, automotive to consumer electronics.

To program 4D products, you will need to use its Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the Workshop4, which runs on a Windows PC. Workshop4 allows you to design your user interface and its behaviour. The output will then be sent to the display module that will run it.

For more information about 4D Systems and Workshop4, click here.

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